RIUVERT was established in 1978 and dedicated to the manufacture of plastic sanitary products with thermoplastic materials (PVC, PP, PE, etc.), starting its production with waste&traps and floor gullies range.

Since then it experienced a steady growth. It was from its entry into the (then ETEX) Aliaxis group in 1989 when its development was remarkable. In 1992, 100%belonged to the group and its evolution has been unmatched.

From 1997-2004 was expanding its product range by introducing sleeves toilet, plastic floor gullies, selling high resistance channels with cast iron grids, gutters, DWY fittings and sewage fittings, compression fittings, PPR and finally a wide range of specialized products in sustainable water solutions.

RIUVERT’s catalogue has the largest range of certified accessories (EN 1329-1) of the Spanish market, being reference mark. RIUVERT trusts AENOR for quality assurance of its products.

RIUVERT, in their quest to meet the essential requirements of safety against fires established in the Board 89/106/CEE Products of Construction and assuming the challenge to acquire a new brand AENOR, was granted by the Technical Committee of Certification of Plastic the AENOR Brand for " Reaction to the fire for incidental PVC’s evacuation " obtaining a classification B-s1,d0.

In addition, RIUVERT, in its commitment to the environment, has implemented an environmental management system certificate as to the UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004 (which binds to the brands already obtained Quality Management ISO 9001, AENOR product certifications and CE marked product to comply with the directive of construction).

Environmental management established by RIUVERT it considers as a priority the protection of the environment, according to the principles of 'sustainable development' is then credited 'which aims to meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generations. It is therefore an active member of the committee Vinyl 2010.

Since June 2015, with the aim of improving competitiveness and provide better service, JIMTEN SA and RIUVERT merge fiscally.

Thus, RIUVERT and JIMTEN maintain references, brand and different proposals but added efforts to search for a common goal: to provide the highest quality products, most confidence to their suppliers and the best service to its customers.

RIUVERT is strengthened by this operation, optimizing the supply chain and production capacity, without giving up their own identity and brand.

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